BOLDJets is your trusted partner in Aviation. 

We are a boutique private aviation company specializing in the Sales & Acquisition of pre-flown executive aircraft.  It is our priority and commitment to ensure your experience is second to none.

Aviation is our passion, your satisfaction is our priority.  

Derek Hood

Aircraft Sales Director

Derek Hood Joins BOLDJets Phenom 100 Team

Derek has had his sights on the big blue sky since he was 6 years old. Growing up in Orange County California, he enjoyed plenty of challenging and fun flying while attaining all of his ratings.  Derek still resides there with his wife Amanda and their 4 amazing children; Nick, Courtney, Justin, and Travis.

Prior to joining BOLDJets, Derek has been flying in 91/135/121 operations with extensive domestic and international operations.

"With strong technical and real-world experience in multiple types, I enjoy tailoring to my clients, understanding their wants and needs in a particular aircraft, and ensuring we find the right aircraft for my clients mission profile."

Derek holds an ATP with over 3200 hours and is typed in the Phenom 100/300, Citation 525, Embraer 145, Learjet and CRJ200/700/900.



Jason Newbold

Founder of BOLDJets

Jason has been into Aviation since he was a kid.  Growing up around aviation, he decided to pursue his childhood dream when he returned from the Army and received a degree in Science with an emphasis in Aviation from Vincennes University.  Likewise, Jason received his pilot certificates from VU and has flown and ferried aircraft all over the country. 

Previously, Jason was an Aircraft Sales Director for another brokerage firm with experience involving the light jet and turboprop markets to include the Phenom 100/300, CJ's, LearJets, and many more. 

Prior to getting into the Aviation Industry, Jason developed his business and finance background through corporate management and brings that experience along to help our clients make well informed decisions to best suit their needs.   Jason is passionate about listening to the client, and ensuring satisfaction long after the job is done.  

Jason is an active and current pilot holding a CSEL, CMEL, IR, with over a thousand hours total time in many different aircraft.


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